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Stealth Safe Company Offers a innovative in the floor safe for an RV,
raised foundation or concrete floor.

Q200K RV and Wooden in the floor safe from Stealth Safe Company

Have an RV, mobile home, vehicle, second floor or raised foundation that needs a safe? If you do, we have an
in-the-floor safe that is not only cost effective, but is also highly secure for these applications. Look no more. Twenty years ago, a man sat down at a drafting table and began designing an innovative floor safe.

Our safes offer the unique ability to be easily put into a RV, vehicle, 2nd story floor, or a raised foundations. Using a unique gripping method, the safe is installed easily by cutting a hole to accept the safe, placing the safe in the hole, installing two bolts from the inside of the safe and extending the two flanges on the outside of the safe under the metal or wood. Add two screws and your installation is done and your safe is securely held into your RV, vehicle, second floor or raised foundation.

The different configurations of the safe offer a variety to you. It comes in two sizes and comes with a key or an easily accessible electronic digital lock. So come on into our web site and check out our RV, second floor or raised foundation safe.

  • Key Lock or Quick and easy Electronic Digital Lock
  • Q200 or Q350 model - two sizes
  • Flanges extend to hold the safe securely in place
  • Comes with a durable metal lid to cover the safe so a rug or other object can be placed over the safe, it can even be walked on!
  • This safe is easily installed in a RV, vehicle, mobile home, second floor or raised foundation